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You've Got 4 Seconds. Who am I and What Do I Do?

How much time are your prospects going to spend trying to figure out the copy on your website? Current estimates are between 4 and 8 seconds.

Look at this page. You know who I am and what I do almost immediately.

 That’s one way I can help you.

With the right words and images, your prospects will see themselves with your product as the solution to their problem.

Let me put your prospect in your story. It will have a happy ending.

If you have a story to tell or a product to sell, I can help.


Contact today.

Synthia thinks outside of the box and gets things done.


Nicole O.,

Children’s Program Coordinator




Day in and day out you show up ready to do what needs done.


You are flexible and can turn on a dime when a different approach is needed.


You get to the root of problems and find solutions. That skill alone makes you a strong marketer. Add in your persuasive writing. You’ve got it covered.


Copy, content, and even fiction. You can write what clients need.


Thanks for working with me!


G. Benefield, Entrepreneur


Experience makes for stronger copy.

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