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October 2020 Issue – Lead Article


2020 is Speeding Up!


Whew! School has started one way or another, and now the holidays are rushing our way.


Halloween is a holiday that brings a lot of smiles. Hopefully, you found a way to celebrate. ACT gave candy to many organizations because traditions matter. 


CEO, Jessyka, remembers the negotiations that happened with her sister once the trick-or-treating was over. How many Whoppers could she get for one bag of Skittles, her sister’s favorite? 


Negotiating is an incredible skill for students to develop. It will come into play when students receive group assignments online or in-person.


Thanksgiving is around the corner and also needs to be celebrated. A few months ago, toilet paper was tough to come by. Shelves aren’t as full as they were, but most days we can get what we need.


Get your kids involved with the holidays. Figuring out Thanksgiving dinner is a math problem in the making. How many people will be there? How many pieces of pie are in a pie? How big of a turkey do you need if each person eats 7 ounces?


Cooking includes math and chemistry, and hopefully laughter too.


History is also something that is fun to discuss during the holidays. Recently, a teacher asked her students if they knew the years their parents were born. Less than 50% were able to answer confidently. When asked when their grandparents were born, hardly any of the students knew the answer.


When students know that family members were affected by events in history, students care more. If you live in a multigenerational household, don’t miss out on these opportunities. If your kids see relatives during holidays, start those conversations at the dinner table.


For example, ask grandma if she had computers at school when she was a girl? She might say yes, but if she does, she’ll probably say it wasn’t a laptop. Can your kids imagine life without Google?


Remember if you cannot get together with family and friends for the holidays, still stay connected. If the mood strikes you, go old school and send a handwritten letter. The recipient will be shocked. Has your child ever written a letter? Emails and phone calls are great too.


While traditions may have to change, it’s important to continue to have them. Traditions comfort kids and adults. Remember to celebrate even the little things. It’s the time of year to give thanks.




Newsletter for Private Tutoring Company

July 2021 Issue – Lead Article


It’s Already July! Summer is Moving Fast!


What happened to June? It’s already gone. I hope your summer is going great. We’re still not quite back to “normal”, but things are getting better. We hope you are healthy.


What are you doing with your kids? 


Some libraries are having summer programs. Check yours out for details. Encouraging your kids to read and learn even in the summer is a good thing to do. 


Play with your kids and include learning. Use a paint brush and water or sidewalk chalk and play Hangman. If you lose and play with water, the evidence evaporates into thin air!


Practice math facts by playing math Bingo. Instead of saying B1, say B  8-7=. Bingo numbers only go 1 through 75, so it’s not hard to create the math problems. You can do addition facts for the youngest students or include subtraction, multiplication, and division for more advanced kids.


If you can make the time to play with them, have your children create the math problems on index cards in advance. Shuffle the cards and a child can be the caller, and you can practice your math facts right with your kids.


Ace Cookie Tutoring has been super busy. We’ve been working with students on test preparation for the ACT and other exams. Other students have been working on enrichment to make sure they are where they should be when school starts in August.















Our boss, Jessyka Coulter, besides tutoring, has been working furiously to put together a Masterclass for students and parents.


Mindfulness has been a hot topic for awhile. She sat down with an expert to see what it’s about and why it matters to you and your child.


Summers are frequently a really stressful time for parents and students preparing for college. 


Jessyka sat down with several experts to help with college questions. She spoke with an expert on financial aid. Another specialist discussed what to expect at college. And maybe the Biggie, how to avoid college loans and debt. 


These are just a smattering of the interviews she has recorded for you. For two weeks, you will have the opportunity to learn from experts, authors, and educators.


Think about it, why would Jessyka interview a matchmaker? What does it have to do with education? If you want the answer to that, you’ll need to sign up for the class. 


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from an awesome list of educators. Each interview will be available to you for free for 24 hours. If you want longer to process it  or to show it to your child or spouse, click here to find out more.


Enjoy your summer!

You Are Invited! To a Masterclass

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