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Subject Line:  Legal Stalking Creates Better Content

Preview Text:  Read What Makes a Great Funnel and Where to Find It

Is Content Marketing for You?

  • Content Marketing is expected to be over a $400 Billion Industry in 2021

  • Marketing is impossible today without great content

  • Skills requiring the most time and expertise, writing and design, are the most outsourced

What did you want to be when you were a kid? 

Chances are it was not a content marketer. Marketing has been around for ages, but marketing on the internet has not.

Whether you ask Google, Siri, or Alexa, you are using content all of the time. The content marketer is the person who determines and produces what content needs to be there so your questions can be answered.

Whether people know your name or not, you’ll be an influencer. You’ll figure out what people want to know before they do, and you’ll be paid to create it for the internet.

Is this something you think you can do?

Let Russ Henneberry, co-author of Digital Marketing for Dummies, show you what it takes to be a content marketer.

And then, only if you think you can, prove you’re a master. Become certified!

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Contest Copy -

Headline limited to 8 words

Copy 75 word max

Picture of SpringDawn Air Purifer and email subject line to be provided by client

What would you do to breathe easier?

On a sunny day in a shaft of light, there was dust, pet hair, and pollen.

My little one was congested, and I was prone to painful sinus headaches.

I cleaned, dusted, and vacuumed daily, but it wasn't enough. 

Meds were expensive, hard to swallow.

A friend mentioned SpringDawn and life is better. 

When my baby was playing in the sunlight yesterday, all I saw was my baby.

What do you see in your house?

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This is Day 8 of the Class. (14 day series) Each day an email is sent to introduce the speakers and to market a pass for lifetime access and an invitation to join the FB group. A link to the videos is also provided.

Subject Line:  Whisper and people will listen…

Day 8


Public speaking… Is it something you like to do? It’s one of those skills that students need to develop. At least 5 of my speakers touch on it. Self-advocacy is another biggie. Speaking out loud and standing up for yourself are so important. Learn more as we continue through the series.

If you’re learning things in this series, I’d like you to invite others who might benefit. Let other moms, dads, and students know. Tell them to sign up at:

“How to Graduate with Honors - Even if You Don’t Think You Can” is an opportunity to learn from experts what you can do to become a top student. It is also a guide for teachers and parents to help students excel.

We are halfway through our lineup. Each day, you will continue to receive a link for that day’s speakers. That link will also include links to the speakers’ sites for the free gifts that are mentioned at the end of each interview. You must register within the 24-hour window that the video is available for any gifts.

Put a question or share a thought in our Facebook group and watch for “Chew on This” updates. I will regularly check for questions. 

Now, I am honored to introduce…


Today’s Guests:

Larissa Maloney – Keeping your Kids Healthy, Thriving, and Off the Couch

Student-Athlete goes pro, becomes a fitness coach and speaker, and then the pandemic hits. Larissa pivots and starts her own company, Active Kids 2.0. Learn what you can do (and include your family) to live better and be healthy.

Some of the things we talk about:

  • Parents model behaviors – Lay a good foundation

  • Physical and mental health go hand in hand

  • Routines and planners

  • Be intentional. Set yourself up for excellence.


Amanda Hood – Advice from a Matchmaker

Amanda has been a college professor, a businesswoman, and is now a professional matchmaker. As a professor, she has had the chance to see relationships on campus. She gives advice as a matchmaker and an adult who grew up in a small town and now has kids of her own.

She shares some thoughts on:

  • High school sweethearts

  • Relationships that raise you up and those that don’t

  • Respect

  • Anything on the internet is forever

Sergeant Trevor Riesner – Consider the Army Before, During, and After College

At one o’clock in the morning, Trevor arrived in Oklahoma just to be yelled at for several hours. The sergeant says it doesn’t happen that way anymore, especially since COVID. His wife was the one who decided he should join the military. 16 years later, he agrees. Find out why.

He spoke about these things and more:

  • More than 150 jobs in the Army

  • ASVAB testing and its vocational value

  • Who can join the Army and why they should join

  • It’s not bad to go beyond the minimum


Jessyka Coulter – Interviewer

Jessyka is the founder of Ace Cookie Tutoring. She loves education and wants others to share her passion. If you’re struggling in a class, she will do everything she can to help you find the strategies so you can learn.

Today’s Link:

Thank you for learning,
Jessyka Coulter
CEO and Founder of Ace Cookie Tutoring

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