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Site Audit Questionnaire                         Junction City, Kansas, USA

Client:                                                                          Contact: 

Email:                        Phone:                                


Hi ,

I am happy to be working with you on your site audit and look forward to helping your site become more effective.

We’ve talked some, but I would like you to complete the questionnaire below before I really dig into your site. Try to answer all of the questions. If in doubt, text me or just put comments. It’s not a test:)

Your time is valuable and so is mine, so I don’t want to think I understand. I want to understand for sure.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Have a wonderful day,



Site Content Audit Brief: 

Part 1: The primary purpose of your website

What do you want visitors to do? (Check all that apply):

☐Buy your products or link to affiliate products and buy them

☐Fill out a form to inquire about your services (generating leads for your company’s follow-up)

☐Call a toll-free number for any reason leading to a sale

☐Subscribe to your free or fee-based newsletter

☐Sign up for a free trial of your products or services

☐Search your inventory (using an automated search function)

☐Compare product options/prices

☐Watch product demonstrations or other videos

☐Sign up to participate in free or fee-based seminars or workshops

☐Download free or fee-based training materials

☐Participate in a discussion forum with like-minded people

☐Post a blog response



Explain your selection(s) from the previous question:  

Business marketing and sales goals for your web pages (Check all that apply):

☐Cultivate more visitors/prospects

☐Focus on selling more programs and/or services to existing customers

☐Grow specific programs or product lines

☐Launch a new program or service

Reinforce/support other marketing efforts (not serve as the main marketing outlet)


Explain your selection(s):



Part 2: The Audience

Describe the ideal/target customer: who are these web pages for?

Gender, age, geographic location (very important), cultural considerations:





Major “pain” or interest they have that your business/organization can alleviate or address:

Solution they’re looking for/what you help them do:


What motivates and inspires this audience:



Customer insights from research, anecdotes:



Part 3: The Competition (Major competitors in your industry):


1. Company name:

Domain Name/Web Address:

Explain how they compare to your website/business: 

2. Company name:

Domain Name/Web Address:

Explain how they compare to your website/business: 

3. Company name:

Domain Name/Web Address:

Explain how they compare to your website/business: 

Part 4: Your Messages

What’s the main UNIQUE solution only your website can offer?

(This is the USP, or Unique Selling Proposition/Unique Solution Proposition):  

List the key features of your company’s products/service: 



List the key benefits or solutions those features deliver to customers: 


1.  What’s the ultimate “SO WHAT?” promise you’re offering? Try to articulate what your products/services provide, such as business success, financial stability, relief, comfort, etc.:  

2.  What is the support for your key messages; the proof or “reasons to believe?” (Testimonials, endorsements, case studies, statistics, practices, product specifics, etc.):



3.  What obstacles/objections need to be overcome for success? For example, are you asking your audience to switch brands … try something totally new … try something unknown?



4.  What’s the tone or “voice” to be conveyed (serious, lighthearted, fun, practical)?



5.  What keywords do your prospects use in search engines (Google) to find what you offer?



6.  What materials do you have for reference (can you send them to me)? (Marketing plan, presentations, current marketing materials, media plan, product samples, etc.)

Name and Positions of Person Completing Questionnaire:                                                             

Dove Copywriting

Site Audit Proposal                        Junction City, Kansas, USA

Client:                                                                          Contact:  

Email:                                                                          Phone:  

Dear ,


Thank you for requesting a proposal for me to conduct a professional content review of your company website (

The following proposal outlines my approach for improving your site’s search-engine rankings, traffic, lead generation, and sales.

When I previewed your site, I saw a lot of useful information. But, it could be presented differently. Some changes could make it easier for visitors to use the information you present, request more information (lead generation), and ideally book more appointments (sales).

Just looking at your home page, I immediately have suggestions:


  • Neither the phone icon nor the email icon allow me to immediately contact you. If I was a weak prospect who wasn’t sure I should contact you, you may have just lost me.


  • I also struggle to read the text on the typewriter. You may only get one chance to engage the reader. You must make it as easy as possible for them to find information, ask questions, and book lessons.

These are just my preliminary findings and suggestions. I will find other opportunities to boost sales results as I conduct a thorough review of your site in what I call my strategic Site Content Audit. 


  •  PROJECT SCOPE Comprehensive Site Content Audit:

A page-by-page content review and a report including detailed recommendations to boost response. This thorough review of the home page and main sub-pages focuses on your sales copy, SEO,  key phrase use, and ease of use — identifying opportunities for improved search rankings and increased conversions/sales. 

Here’s exactly what this review includes: 

A thorough review of your site, measuring it against web best practices 

I evaluate your web pages using our 21-Point Site Content Audit Checklist and The 5 C’s of Content That Works™ for Web Pages That Work, looking specifically to see if your site is: 

  1. Clear: Offering helpful, scannable information within a user-friendly structure 

  2. Customer-focused: Speaking to visitors one-on-one with solution-oriented messages 

  3. Competitive: Using the most relevant SEO keywords and sales copy to differentiate you        from your competition 

  4. Conversion-optimized: Guiding visitors with offers and links that generate action; how well your content guides prospects through pages; leads to orders 

  5. Consistent: Connecting all pages with a constant brand voice and SEO approach 


A detailed report of your strengths and opportunities. 

You’ll receive a substantial written document covering your specific strengths and opportunities for improvement. This report will include screenshots:

• Screenshots of your pages, with explanations of what’s working and what could be improved 

• Screenshots of your current Google rankings and what’s displayed when you appear, with recommendations for improvement 

• Where you rank in search engines and how your competitors compare 

A customized Content Strategy to boost SEO traffic and site conversions.

I’ll review the report with you and discuss a content action plan to improve your results across all pages or in the most critical sections of your site. As a result of this work, you’ll have a clear, strategic roadmap for content changes that will make a huge difference to your website’s performance. This review needs to occur within 14 days of having the report sent to you from my office.  If the review occurs after that, there will be additional charges and original fees must be paid first.


COST ESTIMATE Maximum of 10 web pages

SEO and sales copy review and recommendations: $

A note about my fees, I require a 50% deposit up-front for this project, and I invoice the balance upon completion of the project (to be paid upon receipt). 

If this estimate is agreeable to you, please sign and email this document to I’ll submit an invoice, and I can begin this work once I receive your deposit check.

Deadline I’ll work with you to determine a delivery schedule. If after reading this proposal you have dates in mind, contact me, and we can include them in this proposal.

Caveats If you need to cancel or put the project on hold once I have begun work, a cancellation fee will be applied. This fee is equal to the deposit amount.

Results There are many factors in your marketing effort — product, market, price, list, demand, member preferences, major events — that I cannot control. Therefore, I cannot guarantee specific results.

My signature and deposit confirm that I would like Dove Copywriting to complete a site audit of I will pay the remainder of the fee quoted upon receipt of the written report.


Signature                                         Printed Name                                             Date

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