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Jessyka Coulter, CEO (Jan 2021)

Stories to Remember and Copy that Sells - 

You need a copywriter, and I love to write. Let's make it happen.

I write stories to help customers find solutions to their problems. Why? Because science says readers are geared to remember stories better than facts.

Want an example? Do you know a story about George Washington and cherry trees? Yes. Now tell me what year he was elected president. Do you know? No. 1789. Stories are easier to remember.

What stories should prospects know about you or your business? I can help you make that connection.

Have you ever read a case study that moved you to act? You need those on your website. I can write those stories for you.

Is your business one where customers only visit once or twice a year?

Let's remind them about you more often. A monthly e-newsletter could be the answer. Tips to make the customer's visit better will show them you care.

Blogs are another option to keep your brand front of mind. Updates, new products, and even stories about employees are something I can write for you.

I've been writing letters and emails for a long time. The ROI of emails is estimated to be 42:1. You need to use email to your advantage. I can help.

I'm a student of UX. I can evaluate your site and copy to make sure your customers have a positive experience. Done right, they'll keep coming back.

We all know SEO cannot be ignored. I work with SEO in mind during my entire process. As search engines evolve, organic traffic becomes more and more important.

I can write the copy for your future customers looking to find you.

I can write the copy for prospects who need that final nudge to buy.

And finally, I can write the copy that keeps them coming back.

That's a beginning, middle, and end. The requirements for a good story.