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Jessyka Coulter, CEO (Jan 2021)

Stories to Remember and Copy that Sells - 

Science says that humans are hardwired to remember stories better than straight facts. Your business has many stories to tell, and I'd like to write them for you.

Why did you start your company? What does your logo mean? What do you do that sets you apart? Your potential customers want to know.

Do you currently have case studies on your site? I have no doubt you've helped solve your customer's problems. Prospective customers need to read those stories.

Some people might think helping a student finish a paper is a small thing, but I know of a student who thinks differently.

The paper was the final requirement for his degree. That degree got him a $1K a month pay increase. He wouldn't have finished without the help of a tutor.

That case study is on the tutoring website today. It's been read by many customers. I wrote that case study.

How's your email marketing? I've been writing letters since I was a child. I can make your prospects laugh or cry or better yet, click.

That email can include a newsletter with useful content for your customers.

If you own an auto repair shop, maybe you should send an email with a checklist for drivers before holiday vacations to help prevent unplanned repairs.

A once or twice a month email newsletter is a great investment for a lot of companies. I don't see my car repair guy every month. His newsletter reminds me that he's there to help and encourages me to be loyal to his business.

Is it hard for your customers to place orders or get help? I can check your site UX to see if that's what hurts sales.

I ordered something online today. I thought I'd done everything right, but the submit button just stayed grey. Was that good? It didn't look good.

I couldn't find a way to contact the seller on the site.

I did find a link to cancel my order. I did, and I'll not reorder because I don't trust the site now.

Is that happening on your website? Let's get it fixed before you lose another sale.

Are customers just not finding you? Maybe your SEO needs a kickstart. I can help.

I can write the copy for your future customers looking to find you.

I can write the copy for prospects who need that final nudge to buy.

And finally, I can write the copy that keeps them coming back.

That's a beginning, middle, and end. The requirements for any good story.

Need help writing your story?