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Dove Copywriting has created and maintains Ace Cookie Tutoring's monthly newsletter. The articles are well-written and provide useful information our clients enjoy reading.
Dove Copywriting has removed an important and time-consuming task from our plate.
Jessyka Coulter, CEO (Jan 2021)




Day in and day out you show up ready to do what needs done.


You read, write, and edit. You are flexible and can turn on a dime when a different approach is needed.


You get to the root of problems and find solutions. That skill alone makes you a strong marketer. Add in your persuasive writing. You’ve got it covered.


Copy, content, and even fiction. You can write what clients need.


Thanks for working with me!


G. Benefield, Entrepreneur


You may not know this. Keep it on the downlow.

SHHHHH...don't tell anyone, but once I was a wielder of the much feared and despised red pen.

I wrote every day then, and now I write even more. My experiences as a teacher have taught me lessons in language, communication, students, parents, administrators, and coworkers. (Each person has a different perspective)

When I write, I'm able to pull from all of those experiences to help you connect to your prospects.

What do you need?

If you're looking for a copywriter, I can help. If you need help with content marketing, I can help. Writing to sell, to inform, and to entertain are my bailiwick. Let's talk and see what I can do for you. 

WHAT I DO:  You tell me what you want and what you need. I listen, ask questions, and learn. I want to know if I can help you grow your business. My goal is your success. If you don’t succeed, then I don’t succeed.

I write stories and copy that sell including:

Articles | Blog Posts | Newsletters | Web Pages | Case Studies | Emails


-Business Owners who need copywriting & marketing support specialists
-Marketing Directors who work with excellent freelancers
-Creatives in Marketing who need words to accent their art

WHY IT WORKS: I’m a goal driven individual with the copywriting skills you need. Years in customer service have shown me what the customer wants. Additional experience as a project manager has given me the understanding of what a project costs and what it takes to make it a success. It’s a win/win for my clients.

WHAT MAKES ME UNIQUE:  As the former wielder of the mighty red pen, I take edits and suggestions in stride. Our final goal should always be serving clients best while increasing profits. If that’s your goal, we should talk. 

WHAT I OFFER:  I have the flexibility to meet you and your prospects where they’re at. I’m able to analyze the situation and offer suggestions to move forward. I'm a dam breaker. I bring ideas from every direction. You may not like any of them, but they may spur you to the idea that makes us both happy.

Maybe you’ve spent too much time educating and not enough time telling your prospects what to do next. The opposite is also possible. I would help you figure it out.


-We start with a casual conversation to make sure we’re a good fit.
-You fill out a discovery questionnaire to help me learn specifics.
-I create a proposal based on our conversation and the questionnaire.
-We review the proposal together. If you accept, you will forward me a deposit.
-Then, I will jump into the project with all my heart.

READY TO TALK?  Contact me.


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