Dove Copywriting has created and maintains Ace Cookie Tutoring's monthly newsletter. The articles are well-written and provide useful information our clients enjoy reading.
Dove Copywriting has removed an important and time-consuming task from our plate.
Jessyka Coulter, CEO (Jan 2020)

Why I write copy...

Some time back, I was a kid on a mission. I had a job to do, and I was gonna do it right. I had a Tom-Wat case (school fundraiser), and I was going door-to-door to make money for our band. 

Turns out, I was good at it.

I went on to sell clothing, shoes, travel, carpet, and banking services.

I learn the ins and outs of what I have to offer. I find out who can use it, and then it's time to write. You see, for the time I work with you, your product becomes my product, and your success is my success.


Today I use copy on the internet instead of trudging door-to-door. That case did get heavy after awhile.


I write to sell, to inform, and to entertain. The readers, your clients, keep coming back.


What do you need me to write for you?

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