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Travel Blogger: Don't Let COVID19 Take Your Dreams

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

What did you do today? As the Corona virus changes our world, I attended several online meetings from home. I wrote because I always write. It's part of who I am, and I dreamed.

You need to dream, too, and so do your kids.

You don't have to dream about being an astronaut or a millionaire, but you do need to dream about something. I've worked with hundreds of students and adults throughout my life. The students who don't dream don't seem to learn as much. They don't believe they can have better lives. They become dissatisfied adults. Everyone needs to dream and work to make their dreams happen.

Some people believe they should collect their dreams in a bucket. Have you made your bucket list? I haven't made a definitive list, but there are things I know I want to do. Most of them include travel.

I haven't made it to Paris yet, but I will. I will tour the Louvre and see if the pyramid detracts from the museum or not. An acquaintance from Paris told me the pyramid helped save the Louvre from bankruptcy, so no matter what it looks like, it's a good thing.

Even though I told you to dream and I meant it, Ace Cookie Tutoring took me to the Louvre today. Ace re-posted some virtual museum tours on LinkedIn, and one was the Louvre. I took the tour and you should, too. That way when we get there in person, we will know where to go.

Though I didn't mean for this blog to take us to Paris, we're there, so let's look around. We have to go to the Eiffel Tower. I like going to a high place so I can see the entire city. Like the Sears Tower (Willis Tower) in Chicago or the Empire State Building in New York. The Eiffel Tower will let us gauge the city. What is close to what? Is there something we should visit that we didn't know about before? Besides, what great photo ops.

Despite the fire, I will make a trip to Notre-Dame de Paris. And yes, I will probably do a bad Quasimodo impression. What? I'm from Kansas. You don't think I'm tired of Dorothy and Toto references? Quasimodo brings bells to mind, and I would love to hear them ring.

After hearing the bells, it's time to see a stationary movie star. Whenever I see a movie filmed in Paris, it always seems to include the Arc De Triomphe. The Arc honors soldiers, and that's a good thing. The tomb of the unknown soldier from WWI is there. Though I encourage you to dream, remembering and honoring are good too.

But this is not a somber trip. There are many churches and museums to attend, but we must eat, drink, and be merry as well. I found more than one chocolate tour, and while I'm always up for chocolate, I want something more. Bread! We can eat bread, butter, pastries, and macarons. While I will enjoy all of these, what about protein? Cheese! Oh, that sounds good. We can pair up the bread and cheese and grab a bottle of wine. Is that all Parisians eat?

Alright, I won't lie. I'm not interested in escargot, rare meat, oysters, or frog legs. What will I eat? I've been researching online for a couple of hours now, and I'm frustrated. Site after site tells me about wonderful chefs and prix fix menus. What will I be served? Some of the listed prices make me nervous. Maybe a trip to Paris is further away than I imagined.

I'm not willing to give up the dream, so I've continued my research. I used Yelp and found some restaurants I might enjoy. Coq au vin (chicken stew) and beef bourguignon (beef stew) both sound lovely. Being an American, I also found McDonald's, Subway, and Pizza Hut when I dug deeper.

On a side note, I also found a Belgian-French fast food restaurant, Quick Burger. I'd give that a try too. It's fun to see how different countries handle fast food.

My food research helped me determine another part of my budget. As always once I'm there, I'll ask locals for suggestions of what and where to eat.

Although my trip includes cathedrals, museums, the Eiffel Tower, chocolate, bread, delectables, and at least a walk along the Seine, what's left? I would like to spend an evening at the Moulin Rouge. I love music and a good show.

Is there anything else I MUST do in case this is my only trip to Paris? Let me know; I'll add it to my dream.

PS - I know I didn't discuss accommodations. Paris is a place where I expect to be seeing things all of the time and spending little time in a room. I would use a travel agent before I left home to help me find what I needed so I could spend my time enjoying the sites and culture of a city new to me. #dovecopywriting #travel #travelblog #Paris

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