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Travel Blogger: Pictures on the Wall

The beginning of the month has come and gone. Fortunately, I was able to pay my bills. I've just moved to a new place, and I'm trying to get organized.

My daughter helped me decorate and hang pictures. Many of the pictures are vacations.

There is one hanging from Las Vegas. It was a busy trip. My pre-plan every minute daughter had us go to the Grand Canyon, see the Blue Man Group, eat some fabulous food, and move constantly. It was kind of stressful.

She wants to go again, but I told her if we do, it will be Vegas my way. We will stay on the Strip and spend time enjoying the sights. She loved what we saw of the Venetian. Maybe we can find a way to make that happen. We will go to a male strip show because they make me laugh. We'll go a little slower, and if she can't do that, we'll set up meet up times. Maybe we'll both enjoy the trip more that way.

Two pictures are from Texas. One shows us in Natural Bridge Caverns. Caves are fascinating. You should go at least once. It gives you firsthand knowledge. When you read a book, you can hear what it sounds like, feel the quiet and darkness, and sense the danger from your own experience.

There are caves to visit all over the world and closer to home. Carlsbad Caverns, Fantastic Caverns, and Cave of the Winds are just a few examples. Recently, I took a trip to a salt cavern. That was more of a science adventure, but it was worth the visit.

The other Texas picture is from Ripley's Believe It or Not! I believe our heads have been placed on "Charlie's Angels" bodies. We look fabulous! The first Ripley's I went to was in London. Maybe it's one of those things where you choose to visit every city with a Ripley's. My dad's bucket list included visiting every state capitol. He did it.

Speaking of London, there's a photo of my kids on the London Eye. I've been to London several times, but I've not done that. It's on my bucket list.

Another high spot on my wall is from the Sears (Willis) Tower in Chicago. It was a fabulous trip. We took the train to Chicago and enjoyed Union Station. We ate deep dish pizza, my favorite, and spent a lot of time at Navy Pier. We took reflective pictures in the Bean and had a lot of fun.

My daughter eventually lived a year in Chicago. We will go back and see what she remembers someday. On a visit to see her, there was no question she had mastered the transit system. Having someone in the know made city travel a lot easier.

There are more photos on my wall I could tell you about, but you have the idea. Look at your photos whether they are online, in an album, or hanging on the wall. Let them stoke the fire for new travel. Maybe you need a redo, or maybe you need to go to the next place on your bucket list.

Keep dreaming and call your travel agent today.

Nothing will ever beat my daughter's first trip to Vegas as we were driving down the strip. She was one. It was night, and her eyes were humongous as she said, "Ooh...Ooh" and pointed at the lights as they caught her fancy. We'll never top that experience, but we will go back and get it right as adults.

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