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Do you need SEO help or a site audit?

  1. Go to my Contact page

  2. Fill in the blanks and include your web address in the message. Ask me to take a look at your site, and then we can talk about what I can do to help.

Do you have a copywriting need?​ Below are my favorite projects. Can I do more? Sure, just ask.


Do just a little research and you'll see emails still have an incredible ROI in 2021. They're a great way to stay in contact during this uncertain time. Targeted lists let you reach the specific audience you want. The right copy will inspire click throughs, sales, and more.

Blog Posts

A well-written blog post updated regularly can improve your SEO rankings. It lets Google know that your site has not grown stale. Blog posts can introduce new products and professional developments. Use the blog post copy on your website and then add links to your social media. Make use of each well-written piece of copy to your advantage.

Case Studies

Case studies are the copy that let your clients know you understand their problem and have a way to solve it. Today's consumers head to their phones and computers before they purchase. They look for information like case studies that let them know someone has successfully used your product and benefited from it. Again, these can be put on your website, emailed, and used on your social media outlets.


A scheduled e-Newsletter puts your company in front of consumers systematically. Last month they couldn't afford your product, but this month they have the money to make it happen. Your e-newsletter acts as a reminder. The copy in a newsletter informs or entertains. It's not a catalog. A consistent e-Newsletter lets your customer base know you plan to be there for the long haul. 


We've all been on the phone and gone to the automated voice system. Today, many companies are using chatbots via text messaging instead. Do you know what your customers might ask? Do you know how to provide the fast correct responses via text? I do. I've answered hundreds of thousands of calls during my career. Let's make happy customers who want to return again and again because it's so easy.

It's time to tell me what I can write for you.

Is it your website that needs some punching up? No problem. Do you need to keep your customers updated on what's happening with your business? Email, a newsletter, or blog post could help with that. Let me write the copy that makes your life better. Contact me today.

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