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Be a Tweaker or Hire One (Me? Sure!)

Please don’t twist or pull something sharply. And don’t smoke meth. But you should regularly “improve (a mechanism or system) by making fine adjustments to it.”

The system we’re talking about today is your copy and content.

Words, the currency of copywriting, are valuable. It’s not their length or their difficulty but their usage that makes the difference. Think about it. Would you rather work “for” me or work “with” me?

Either way you’re working, but doesn’t one sound more pleasant than the other?

As a copywriter, that’s one of the things I do every day. I tweak headlines, captions, subject lines, and more to make it where your prospect will say “yes.”

Does your website say, “Come Here,” or does it say, “Come on over Here and Sit for a While?” What do you want it to say? What will your prospect respond to?

Your product may have more than one audience. Imagine being a florist for a moment. There are big days that bring in business every year, Valentines Day and Mother’s Day. Those are two distinctly different audiences. You should be sending different messages! (YES!)

How does a florist survive the rest of the year?

Traditionally, there are men buying flowers for their wives and girlfriends. As a florist, you could start an email campaign to get men to start buying flowers once a month. In fact, maybe it’s a program you put together with a bouquet a month and a box of chocolates for her birthday.

The program is ready to go and you send out an email with the subject line, “You Owe her Flowers.”

Crickets… (well there were several unsubscribe messages)

Who likes to “owe” people?

Your idea is great. We just need to tweak that subject line. Maybe, “Remember the First Rose You Gave Her?” or “Each Petal Says I Love You.”

There may have been no changes at all to the email itself, just a new subject line. That’s a tweak or fine adjustment, and you start to get orders for your program.

I’m a professional tweaker. More than once I’ve had clients call me to help with an opt-in page that wasn’t converting. I’ve reworded bullets or changed their order. I’ve written a new headline or changed the button copy.

Each change is a tweak. In order to see what made the difference, you can only make one change at a time. But when time is short, you may need multiple tweaks. The question will be “Did the results improve?”

Some folks say that Google is aware how often you update your website. The algorithm is aware of when you make changes to pages, and when they’re dormant. Dormant pages begin to rank lower on the SERP (search engine results page). When was the last time you updated your website?

I can update and tweak your copy quickly and easily. If it’s been several years, we should discuss some real updates and new articles. Being found is the whole point of your site on the internet.

One final tweak to discuss is bullets in your copy. If you don’t use bullets, you should. They make your copy easier to digest. Put important info in a bulleted list to draw eyes to it.

I can turn some of your existing copy into bullets for you. It’s a tweak that can make a big difference.

Another bullet tweak to consider is their order. Anecdotal evidence says people are more likely to read the first and last bullets. Think about a book. How many people do you know that read the first and last chapter and then decide if they’ll read the rest. People say it’s the same with bullets. Now you know where to put the good stuff.

If you want to be a tweaker, remember…

· Use words that appeal to your prospects

· Update your website regularly

· Include bullets for easy reading

If you want some help tweaking your copy, send me a message. Let’s get your message out there!

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