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Did You Make Any Updates?

What’s Good for the Goose…

Last week, you were encouraged to be a tweaker. Did you rise to the challenge?

Hypocrisy doesn’t sell, so I checked out my own website.

Language. The language I use on my site is accessible. When a question about the acronym SERP (search engine results page) appeared in a social media comment, I checked my pages. If a prospect doesn’t understand what I’ve written, I’ve failed as a copywriter.

The main copy on my home page has no acronyms that might confuse a client. Does yours?

After reading the home page of a new connection I made this week, I wrote a sentence in layman’s terms describing his business. I asked him if I was right?

His response, his total response, was, “NO.”

Well, alrighty then…

I won’t be promoting his business for two reasons:

- I don’t know what he does

- He treats people poorly

When people go to your site, do they immediately know what you do?

The man from earlier is in a B2B (business to business) operation. He may feel his site can be totally technical. I disagree. He’s missing out on potential traffic by ignoring less technical questions typed in the search bar.

Do you have to change your entire site? Of course not. Make some tweaks on your home page that make it clear to anyone who reads it what you do. Making it clear to prospects will also make it clear to Google.

Just a note for your information. If your banner at the top of your site is a single piece of art, Google isn’t reading it. It’s art, not a headline. So if that’s the only place you say what you do, tweak your copy down below. Give Google a way to find you.

Besides language, you were to tweak your site by updating your content. One way to do that is a blog. In March, I made some changes to my business. One is to write a blog that benefits readers at least once a week. I publish the article on social media, and then I put it on my website. It’s a way for Google to see my site is active.

Another tweak you could make is photographs. My scary mug is recent. Is yours? What about the photo of your business? Could it use an update? These are pretty easy tweaks to let Google know your site is active.

Another tweak on my checklist this week is to update some testimonials. They can go on almost any page of your website. Social proof is important. Copying and pasting a good review is worth your time. If you feel your “About” page copy doesn’t need updating, add a testimonial.

Finally, you were encouraged to use bullets. Uh oh, my home page doesn’t have any. But, my home page is short. It does have bolding to highlight important details. Short copy, highlighting, and bullets are also helpful to readers using their phones. Make sure your pages are mobile friendly.

My “About Me” page does have bullets. I didn’t have to make any quick changes, lol.

Look over your website. Make some tweaks. Remember these are “fine adjustments” to let Google know what a great company you are. Once Google knows, the world will know.

In the meantime, if you aren’t sure what to tweak, I’m a message or phone call away. Let’s get Google’s attention.

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