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Copywriter Blogger: Made You Look!

You’ve got to get the buyer’s attention. Great copy can pull them in, but it won’t be enough

Add a splash of color to your webpages. By that, I don’t mean change the font color. You need to include photos, graphics, and images on your website, in your emails, and on your social media. Color and images help sell.

Starting with the basics, and livescience say the most liked colors in the world are:

  1. Blue - 35% of the world likes blue best, mostly men, and it’s the rarest occurring color in nature.

  2. Green - 22% like the color known to represent health and luck. It’s reported suicides off Blackfriars Bridge in London decreased after it was painted green. This color is also favored more by men.

  3. Purple - 19% liked purple best, more of them were female. Before the 16th century, most carrots were purple.

  4. Red - 8.5% or so liked red most. Red is known to represent danger and love.

  5. Orange - the color of carrots today, 6.5% of people chose orange as their favorite.

Knowing the colors people like best may influence the way you design your pages, your logo, and affect the graphics you choose.

By creating a website that appeals to your audience, you are letting them know you care about their wants and needs.

But there’s far more to adding images and graphics than just color.

Illustrations and captions help your audience understand and focus on features and benefits immediately. The right image can increase desire. Images can highlight what is important to understand in the copy.

Photos let prospects visualize themselves using your product whether it’s sitting in the front seat of a new car, staying at a fabulous resort, or enjoying a new backyard grill.

The copy supports the images. The images support the copy. You want your clients saying, “What does it say?” and “Could that be me?”

When selecting images, the photos need to show your prospects successfully using your product. Before and after photos can be effective, but make sure there is a successful after photo.

For a medicinal product, you don’t just want to show the rash. You must show the cure. You’ve watched enough video to know that you don’t watch a child crash a bicycle. The footage is always a child managing to ride down the street on her own.

Emotions sell. Seeing that child having so much fun on a bike reminds readers of fun they’ve had. Pictures with the right copy can evoke any emotion you would like your customer to feel.

A vast majority of what our brains take in is visual. Reading copy and viewing pictures are both visual. Our brains are able to process images more quickly. Adding images to your website will increase audience interest.

If a prospect can see himself successfully using your product, he will want to read the copy to find out how to make it happen. My copy will guide him to the buy button.

Pictures and images enhance your digital presence. They are needed for the most effective websites. But you must never neglect the copy. What good is that fabulous photo if you don’t know the name or location of the place? It’s like that beautiful girl you met on the plane and never learned her name.

With the right copy and the right visuals, your website will be a success. Contact me today for copy that sells.

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