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Copywriter Blogger: Reduce the Chaos While Increasing Your Online Presence

Time is money. You have to get your brand out there. You probably won’t become one of the big three overnight, but there’s room in the market for you. In fact, there’s even a need. What can you do to promote yourself?

Ten years ago, you had to have more technical knowledge than you do now to build a website. One Kansas woman wanted to learn html and web building skills. As a joke, she put together a website selling tumbleweeds.

It was a joke until it wasn’t. Orders began to pour in. Her estimated annual income from selling tumbleweeds is over $40K. A web search today will give you several sites to buy your very own tumbleweed.

But tumbleweeds aside, the internet is your place to get noticed and sell your product or service.

How do you make that happen? As you create your website (or have it done for you), it’s time to sit down with a copywriter and content marketer. It’s important that your site be well thought out with the information your clients will need.

You may have thought creating your site would be enough. It’s not. Creating your site allows people to find you if they know your web address. It doesn’t automatically put you at the top of the results. That takes a lot more work.

With the help of a copywriter with marketing skills you can increase your site visits as well as increase leads and sales.

Google AI will catalog your site relatively quickly. It will monitor the number of visitors and be aware of changes and updates you make.

Not updating your site can actually hurt your rankings. Google wants you to keep your site current. More visits to your site helps Google. You will need to regularly update your site to help improve your rankings.

If the thought of regularly updating your site as well as making sales and all the other aspects of running a successful business is beginning to overwhelm you, there is an answer.

Create a Content Calendar with your copywriter.

What is a Content Calendar? It’s a plan of regularly scheduled content that will be put on your website and social media platforms to let people know what’s going on in your business and your profession.

Examples of content for your website and social media include:

  • A blog with regular entries about your business or updates in your profession

  • Articles about items you sell, services you provide, or changes in regulations

  • A regularly updated calendar with hours, services, specials, etc.

  • Links to curated materials (especially articles by the home office if you have one)

  • Highlighting volunteer activities you are doing to serve your community

  • Memes and photographs work particularly well on social media.

By creating a content calendar, you won’t have to wonder, did I or should I? You’ll know what’s coming. Even better, your clients will know that you regularly provide them with the information they want and need.

In addition to information, quality content helps your SEO. When a prospect enters a long tail search, the content on your site has a better chance of bringing the prospect to you.

Content that informs, teaches, or even entertains invites visitors to your site.

Knowing how and when you will update your website and social media platforms lessens your stress. Hiring the right copywriter to create content for you will cut down on the chaos in your workflow.

Your business has an accountant to help with numbers. An assistant helps you with your daily work. A copywriter and an effective content calendar will help keep your brand in the forefront of your customer’s mind.

Steadily increase your web presence. Show your value to every prospect by having the right content at the right time. You can make it happen by talking to a professional copywriter today.

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