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Copywriter Blogger: Writing is Subjective

Life is subjective. My job is subjective, but it’s a new subjective.

I’ve stepped into full-time copywriting and content marketing.

I’ve written dozens of emails this summer for clients. It’s been fabulous and a challenge. Does the client like the body of the email? Have I captured the right voice? What about the all-important subject line?

More than once, we’ve tested multiple subject lines. We’re starting to get a feel for the ones that just don’t appeal to one client’s audience. It’s good news. More open rates are a great place to start.

Although I’m working, I continue to learn as well. I write every day. I’ve become certified in content writing. After submitting the final project, I received some feedback. The reviewer enjoyed my headlines. He or she felt they caught the reader’s attention. I appreciated that.

In between jobs, I’ve been working on another review course. This week we had to submit the headlines for a Google ad. I felt good with my submittal. The review I received was a mediocre three out of four. I accepted that until I read an ad that had done well. I was like, really? But remember, life is subjective.

Having worked with high school students for several years may have skewed my perspective.

I’m working to develop as many effective voices as I can. My experiences give me that opportunity. I’ve been a mom, the breadwinner, a teacher, a student, a banker, and more.

In addition to emails, I’ve been working on websites. On one of the sites, I felt the content might be a little off. I feared it might be harming the client’s business. It’s a high-quality product. I believe in it and want to see sales increase. As a writer, I can turn the new copy over to the client, but I may never know if it makes a difference.

Clients can change the copy. They can put images that help or detract. They can do what they like. Remember, it’s subjective.

Some parts of my job aren’t subjective. I meet deadlines. I accept feedback and revise copy. I try to create the best writing I can every time.

If you need a copywriter or a content marketer, I might be available. Send me an email with an eye-opening subject line! I write great copy, but my opinion might be subjective. 😁

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