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Travel Blogger: Valentines Day Plans

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

It’s February; there are so many travel opportunities approaching. Plan right now!

Valentine’s Day is this month. I’ve heard many comments about it “not being a real holiday,” “It’s just a way for businesses to make money,” and so on. You can look at it that way, but I’d rather look at it as a reason to go to a different destination, eat fun food, or do something new.

You probably know by now that food can make me happy. I was investigating options for Valentine’s Day, and I can’t forget the one that said, “monster chocolate cake.” Oh my… But I must move on. Imagine lobster pot stickers. How do you feel about a heart shaped lasagna? Maybe all you can eat crab legs and prime rib.

This is the day that many restaurants offer special prix fixe menus. Check ahead of time. Look over the menus. You don’t want this evening to go badly because there is nothing you would enjoy on the menu. On another note, I was tickled to find a buffet with a wine bar and chocolate fountain. This does not have to be a romantic situation. Go out with a friend. Take a parent. Love the food. Love the experience.

Just beware the heart shaped hot tub if romance isn’t involved.

Looking at options across the country, many fun ideas popped up. Do Valentine’s with the girls and enjoy a spa day or weekend. Skiing for the day followed with hot chocolate by a warm fire also sounded cozy.

If you’re in warmer parts of the country, there was a two-night stay with a free round of golf. What a great way to spend time with someone. One of the short beach getaways includes a night in a deluxe room with a fun beach kit (beach towel, bag, sunscreen, and more). I was able to find many “Stay and Play” options.

If you haven’t planned a romantic getaway because of time or it’s just not something you know how to do, a quick search showed me more than one two-night packages with Champagne, strawberries, and roses. I was going to suggest, “Add a heart-shaped pizza, and you’re set,” but I know some people would say that was not romantic.

If you’ve waited too long and the plans you meant to make aren’t possible, don’t give up. See if you can plan for another date. Ask the hotel if they’re willing to do the same deal a week or two later. The worst they can say is “no,” or they might have a better offer. For your loved one, make a Valentine gift certificate. Knowing that you planned time to spend with them will be more important than the date.

Finally, just a quick money saving tip. This year, Valentine’s Day is on a Friday, but if you’re planning your getaway for a different date, a mid-week excursion might be a good option. Several destinations offer specially priced packages for their guests who can visit during the middle of the week.

Regardless, Happy Valentine’s Day! Remember, love is good; love is kind, and maybe there will be chocolate cake…

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