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How Many Emails Did You Open Today?

Did you delete more emails today than you opened? I think I did.

The two things that are most likely to get your emails opened have not changed.

  • The “From” line

  • The “Subject” line

Add your name to your own email list. You should know what the receiver sees. If the customer isn’t getting emails that they can identify are from you, their action will be delete, not open.

There are a lot of email service providers out there. Some make big promises that don’t deliver. And I literally mean don’t deliver. I work hard to protect my inbox, and other folks do too. We’re vigilant about labeling spam as spam.

Beware of these two frightening “A” words, algorithm and AI. If enough people identify your emails as spam, your delivery rates will tank. The algorithm with his pal, AI, will start to classify more and more of your outbound mailings as spam whether your customers say so or not.

It won’t matter how great the email I created for you is. No one will ever see it. I don’t think there’s a spam heaven…

Once you’ve received a sampling of your outbound emails and know that customers can tell the email is from you, it’s time to focus your attention on the subject line.

Your subject line has one purpose. It’s to get your prospect to open the email.

There’s a craft store that sends me emails constantly. The emails are only about sales. They don’t make for fascinating reading, but I do enjoy a good sale.

They’re starting to do a better job on subject lines now. In the past, I’d see “25% off Sale.” That was ok, but if I didn’t have time or have a project in mind, I simply hit delete. Now they say, “25% off Yarn.” I don’t do yarn, but the people who do are thrilled. Even if they don’t have a project in mind, they may say, “I should stock up.”

Subject lines matter.

Think about it. There’s a load of information to be found in the metrics.

· Percentage of people who opened email

· Percentage not marked as spam or unsubscribed

· Percentage of people who downloaded coupon

Used wisely, you can begin to segment your list. If you’re the craft store, you can discover who buys yarn and who doesn’t. Use this information on future mailings. Find out what other segments of your list buy.

Remember, I’m not going to open the email unless it’s something that interests me. That information must be in the subject line.

Let’s say you’ve got me. I opened your email. Now, you better deliver. If your subject line said, “25% off Fabric,” which I do care about, I’m going to be more than a little peeved if after opening the email I find out it’s only fake leather animal prints in 10-inch strips. Huh!?!

We may be talking about subject lines, but by pulling me in with that subject line and not delivering, you’ve lost my trust. If I’m in a good mood, I unsubscribe. If I’m really irritated, SPAM! Or even worse, a negative review.

Your name or brand is your reputation. Make sure it’s a good one. Email readers check it first. After that, it’s your subject line that gets prospects to open your email. Don’t waste that valuable real estate. Pique your customers’ interest. Give them what they want. Done right, email marketing is your friend.

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