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When You Think "Toilet"...Do You Think "Clean" or "Dirty" (It's an SEO Question)

Who knew writing about a toilet could be so stressful?

In a quick post on social media, subscribers were asked, “What word comes to mind when you think of “toilet?”

Within minutes, there were two answers. One was “clean.” The other was “dirty.”

Besides being opposites, neither was what I expected to see.

This is one of the reasons SEO can be so complicated.

These Three tips can help improve your organic SER when writing content:

1. Know your market/audience

2. Be specific

3. Use synonyms

The two answers to my post came from different parts of the world. One was from Nigeria. The other from the United States.

With a slight change of spelling, toilet becomes toilette which means to wash or get cleaned up. It then makes perfect sense to associate toilet with clean.

In the United States, toilet isn’t used in polite company. Americans say bathroom, restroom, or washroom. To talk about the toilet is usually the stool which is often dirty. So that answer makes sense too.

As a writer or marketer, you must consider your market in everything you write. One word can polarize your audience. It’s important that you use the word your prospect will search for on the internet.

Use the words that appeal to your market. And don’t forget the words they may associate with the root word. (toilet paper, toilet brush, etc.)

Those words must be guided by your client’s location and market.

It seems likely you would be selling more than a toilet bowl. If your prospects will also be in the market for a sink, faucet, or vanity, include those in your copy too.

Once you’ve considered the market, where they are, and the words they’ll use, use specific words and phrases.

What does a toilet do? It flushes. Flush should be included in your content. A prospect has entered, “How do I make my toilet flush better?” If your content has toilet and flush in it, it has a better chance of reaching your prospect than content with only toilet.

Think about the questions a prospect might ask and include the words and even questions in your copy.

Lastly, use synonyms. Synonyms can be specific and help your text be more interesting. A toilet can become a stool, bowl, or commode. If it’s the entire room, a toilet could be a loo, a head, a lavatory, the can, or a even comfort station.

Toilet is only one word of thousands. To improve your SEO, use the words your prospects use. If they use more than one to describe the same product or problem, you should too. It’s how they’ll find you.

These three tips are just a place to start. There are dozens of ways to improve your SER. Watch for future articles for more information.

(Thank you to those who interacted with my post. You make my writing stronger.)

Synthia Dove loves words and knows that pronunciation and usage can change when you travel less than a hundred miles. She writes with the words your prospects speak. If you need a copywriter or content marketer who can speak to your clients, contact her at

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